Nursery Mission Statement

To take the time to provide UNIQUE care for each individual child in a loving, safe and exciting atmosphere by nurturing their growth and personal development.

Nursery Ethos

Ultimate care – knowing and understanding your child
Nurture – loving, guiding and allowing your child to explore and develop safely
Individuality – agreeing personal targets with you and your child each month
Quality care – ensuring the highest standards of personal care
Unforgettable atmosphere – an environment that speaks love
Exciting curriculum – stimulating activities from birth that inspire creativity

Our Values

Alpha & Omega Nursery is built on Christian practise and principles. We believe that children are the heritage of the Lord given to us to love, guide, protect and care for. Our children are able to play, learn and relax in a truly safe and nurturing environment. We strive for the highest standards in every area; we are completely open and welcome parental involvement and scrutiny.

Our children are provided with an exciting, challenging and varied curriculum to ensure that we contribute positively to their spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and social development.
Christian principles and values are promoted and form the basis for all we do. This is the blueprint for our holistic approach to your child’s development:

Spiritual – Christian songs, prayers, music and story books are used through-out the day to create an atmosphere that is conducive to your child’s spiritual development and well-being.

Emotional – children are encouraged to feel confident to talk about unhappy feelings but positive reinforcement is used to encourage the expression of happy feelings of love, peace, joy, happiness and laughter.

Physical – hand-holding, mini-trampoline, walks, gardening, games and sports days. We provide a healthy balanced diet, giving regard to your child’s preferences and allergies.

Educational – we encourage learning through play and by exploring a safe environment, whilst observing for ‘readiness’ to engage in more challenging and structured activities.

Social – we encourage the development of strong peer relationships through group activities. We also promote healthy child-adult relationships based on trust, love and mutual respect.

We believe that we are an extension of your love and care for your child. Therefore we encourage, value and appreciate open, honest and constant communication based on mutual respect and trust. We also seek to promote and encourage among parents a positive and godly attitude towards life, spiritual fellowship, education, physical and mental well-being and community involvement through our extra-curricular activities such as gardening, family outings, sports days, health seminars, library service and sponsor-a-child-in-Africa scheme.

Alpha & Omega Nursery Fees
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Nursery Fee Information

Fees are to be paid by weekly rate, monthly in advance by standing order and are calculated on the basis of 52 weeks of the year. The monthly fee is the weekly fee x 52/12. There is no reduction in fees for absence due to holidays or sickness. We open daily for 10.5 hours, from 7.30am – 6pm. We do not expect children to attend over 10 hours per day. We accept nursery vouchers.
A refundable deposit of 2 full weeks is payable on registration confirmation. This will be refunded at the end of your signed agreement with us. All agreements can be terminated, subject to one months notice in writing.

Additional nursery benefits includes:
  • No booking, administration or Registration fee.
  • All snacks are free
  • Babies’ fees include freshly pureed food and cow’s milk (Parents to provide formula/organic milk and nappies)
  • Hot meals are £2.00 daily, morning and afternoon snacks are free.

To express an interest, register or arrange a visit email or call 020 8963 9989.

Location & Opening hours

50 Church road, Harlesden, London NW10 9PY | We open daily for 10.5 hours, from 7.30am – 6pm.

Nursery Team

Manager: Mrs Pat Littlejohn  |  Typically 14 Staff
Call us 020 8963 9989