Women of God

The Women of God in RRF play a vital role in the running of our weekday morning prayer meetings, the School of Wisdom/Sunday School, open air and door-to-door evangelism, the local leadership, and on the trustee board of the church. The prophet Joel said that in the last days “sons and daughters will prophesy…and upon his handmaidens he will pour out his Spirit”. We recognise the gift of God in all his people and give thanks for the edification to the body of Christ.

The Sister’s Fellowship meets once monthly and takes charge of every second Sunday Night service. They hold an annual Sisters Fellowship Seminar, and have evangelistic meetings at least once a year. The fellowship plays a key role in home ministry for new mothers and in the follow-up care ministry for visitors requesting home visits and prayer.
The fundraising efforts in the purchasing of 50 Church Road were unrivaled in 2009 under the leadership of our current leader Deaconess Henry, and for this the church will be forever thankful.

We encourage the development of the gift of God in the service of Lord. Our women have played a key role in foreign missions since 1969, when our Prophetess Flowers obeyed the call of the Lord to India. We encourage you to share fellowship with us and experience the love of God placed in our hearts by his Holy Spirit.